I couldn’t recommend Martin highly enough. I had been suffering for many years from a couple of issues which had a huge impact on my daily life. Martin managed to resolve my issues within a few sessions. Something which years of counselling could not resolve. Thank you”- MH Somerset

My wife hated heights, she would even get sweaty palms going on an escalator.One BWRT session with Martin and she’s doing glass lifts, upper deck golf driving range and now wants to try the Adelaide tree-top walk. Truly amazing.”

Thank you Martin.” MA Australia

I had BWRT for a PTSD issue. I was suffering with sleep issues, intrusive thoughts, anxiety and major panic attacks. A single session was enough to stop the PTSD related issues.

Because don’t need to discuss the issue directly with Martin, this therapy would be perfect for people who don’t want to relive any painful experiences in depth. I can highly recommend Martin’s online therapy sessions”

CM Ireland

I recently found myself increasingly stressed over work commitments, I found it was having a detrimental effect on my eating habits and making me look for comfort foods consequently resulting in weight gain.

It was suggested that I try BWRT to help teach my brain a different way of responding to the stress caused by work. After an hour long session tackling three different trigger points with the therapy, I initially didn’t realise how effective it had been until I went to work the next day and was amazed by my response to the same stressful situation that I had faced with difficult the week before. I was so chilled out it was like I let everything go past me.

I have found that I am no longer craving the fatty and sugary foods that were making me gain weight instead I am channeling my energies now into do my crafts and sewing projects and excercising.

This therapy has been a great experience for me, you can do it in the comfort of your own home over Zoom or Skype and I am sure that it could help other people who find themselves struggling with things. I hope this review will help others to give it a go. It helped me and it could help you too.”

LD Somerset

I had 2 BWRT sessions with Martin , very professional and made me feel at ease. It was definitely worth doing and would recommend it to anyone.”

TR Somerset

Martin Gibson has been a great help in my recovery and I would highly recommend him.”

CT Devon

I found Martin online while doing some research thinking of trying hypnotherapy again but he suggest BWRT. It was supposed to be a quick fix and I was very sceptical as I have lived with anxiety my whole life… I would get anxiety when I was staying away from home always having these “what ifs” in my head which lead to debilitating anxiety.. I would worry about getting poorly away from home as my comfort is home. I had 2 sessions with martin and he said that should be enough. I am currently on holiday for a few nights and normally I would be a mess, I would have severe anxiety before the holiday and during, however….. I have had NO anxiety at all! I am so calm and I really feel like a different person… I have Martin to thank for that as whatever he has done in those sessions really worked..my confidence is just going to grow and I feel like I could work on going abroad next year. I actually can’t believe iv had no anxiety, it’s a dream come true.

Anyone suffering with anxiety I would highly recommend Martin.

Thankyou so much

JEH Somerset

“I would highly  recommend Martin, my first session was done with me lying in bed as I was suffering from anxiety, panic attacks and I had lost my self confidence to go out, I had 5 sessions of BWRT and it has give me my life back and I have been on two holidays, football matches and I can now walk into busy places such as bars and restaurants full of confidence.

Thank you Martin”

GH Midlands

Hi Martin

I thought I would let you know through email that I am doing great and I still haven’t smoked anything. I’m out doing things more often and I went for a few drinks with my friends who were smoking. The smell is gross. 

I am happier. 

I can’t thank you enough for helping me achieve what I wanted to achieve. I still get emotional about it haha I can’t believe I have actually done it for nearly 3 weeks now. The longest I have ever been without you cigarette. I will never go back to either of it. 

People who I haven’t seen for months have said that “I am different in a good way” 

I see things clearly now. Thank you so much. I will be telling my GP about BWRT when I see her. She new about my smoking habits and how I struggled to give them both up. In fact I have been telling everyone about it and about how amazing you are at your job. 

Thanks again for helping realise that I didn’t need any of it in my life. 

AR Somerset

A neighbour recommended BWRT and I am very grateful she did as it has transformed my life. My immediate neighbour has two noisy, undisciplined dogs which bark hysterically at all hours of the day and night and which she makes no effort to control. Indeed, when asked to do so she became very aggressive. Their behaviour was affecting my sleep, my health and my ability to concentrate as I was on edge all the time.

At one point I was so desperate to escape I started the process of selling my house, even though I am otherwise very happy living where I am.

Martin has helped me enormously: he is gentle, genuinely caring and explains clearly how the process works. Because BWRT is non-intrusive (you do not need to relive unpleasant experiences) and focuses on re-setting responses to stress and other triggers, it really does help you to move forward positively and does not leave you feeling as churned up and exhausted as conventional therapies can do.

Martin has also helped me to deal with a couple of deeper issues that have upset me for decades. My sleep patterns have improved, I feel as if I have shed a cripplingly heavy burden, am calmer and happier because the dogs’ barking no longer bothers me and I enjoy life more. I really do recommend BWRT with Martin very highly.

AS Somerset

Very positive experience made comfortable by Martin’s obvious experienced and friendly manner. Having never had therapy before and finding myself in a weakened emotional state I was nervous initially. I soon became more relaxed and was able to engage with the Therapy to Level 2 Incredible value for money I feel as there was time to explore and explain feelings that I had lived with for years. Definitely recommended, I feel so much better and so quickly My family and friends are amazed at how the change in me!!

Thank you Martin

DP Somerset

My Health Assistant at my GP Surgery told me about Martin/ BWRT, as her daughter had had 1 session and it had sorted out a traumatic incident in her life. I had 7 sessions altogether, the first few were Level 1 and the remainder were Level 2. It’s hard to put into words how good Martin is as a therapist and how effective the therapy was for me. I genuinely feel like a “New Self” now and how I’ve always wanted to be and feel. My old ‘Core Identity’ – traumatic memories and patterns of relationships and behaviours – is fading fast and ‘melting away’ in it’s little ice cube, leaving me ready and able to enjoy and embrace the New Me. More than I dreamed of. Thank You, Martin.

TA Devon

My anxiety was quite severe ,was not eating and sleeping was nearly impossible and had been getting worse for a good number of weeks when my wife saw Martins online site . After a phone conversation I booked a session but was sceptical, WELL I cannot recommend this highly enough, now 3 weeks after only 3 sessions I feel brand new and have the capability to deal with the problems that were causing my anxiety.

Thank you so much Martin.

IN Somerset

After finding myself in a place I never thought I would be in (suffering with health anxiety, which caused pains all over my body) Martin has been so important in getting me back on the right track. I’ve been seeing him once a week for the last 5 months or so and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough. He’s worth every penny!

I have been through levels 1, 2 and 3 of the BWRT and all have worked brilliantly.

It probably took a good month to start feeling better but that is nothing to do with Martin and more to do with where I was at when we first started having our sessions.

My problems stemmed from being Ill with covid 19 for almost a year and I don’t think mentally I ever really recovered and now I feel back to how I was a few years before I had covid. Thanks a lot Martin!!!!!!

JH Somerset

I came to Martin off the back of a bad experience of this therapy and he has changed my view of it entirely. His care and attention and skill come through straight away so you feel held throughout the process, which is wonderful.

The effects of the BWRT are not immediately present, but as soon as you are presented with a stressor that would have negatively impacted your experience in the past, you immediately feel the difference. It’s as if you can remember what used to happen, but it doesn’t have any hold over you any more. At all.

So that’s basically 6 months of talking therapy done in one session! And the second half of the therapy, the “new you” imprint, is quite profound in its effect and reach. My partner noticed the change in me so much that she’s signed up with Martin as well, I don’t think I can recommend it any more highly than that. Thanks so much, Martin!

SM Somerset

I finally feel free of a problem which has weighed me down and had me destroying myself for so many years. It’s a huge relief and wonderful feeling!

Martin is brilliant at what he does. I feel like a completely different person with a great mindset! Highly recommend! Thanks Martin.

AC Somerset

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